Hi! My name is Paola, pronounced in English with a "u", even though it's written with an "o". 

Words, I love speaking them. It's how I usually think. Out loud.  I am a verbal processor. More comfortable speaking words, this space is to learn the say them in written form. Go here to learn more about my speaking.

I am also a wife, a third culture kid, and more recently an immigrant who became a Canadian citizen. Most importantlyI am a follower of Jesus. A disciple. I follow Him and seek to learn His rhythms, His Truth, His ways. 

Every day, we all put our faith in something. That choice determines much of what we think, do, and feel. For a long time, I put mine on my achievements. Until those didn't hold the weight of my own expectations.

Life was a perpetual ladder to be climbed and achieved, rather than a gift to walk intentionally. It was crushing. For the better part of my adulthood the words I told myself kept me anchored to a performance cycle for approval and significance, sinking me. One day I woke up burned out and hating my life.

Today, I seek to live in the intersection between the alluring urgency of right now and the eternal promise of the gospel, letting it steep in my narratives and edit them accordingly. I am passionate about practicing living with both feet here and my mind "on things above" (Colossians 3:2). My life is small and my God is big. This kingdom perspective refreshes and frees my mind. So I look for it regularly.

 That you are here, reading these words of mine written out loud, is a privilege for me.  Thank you! 

Photo by Jenny Jesmer

Photo by Jenny Jesmer


Informal me:

  • Gratefully married to my best friend for 13 years. Truly worth the wait, God does know best.

  • I was born in Spanish, I live in French, and I write in English. Born in Venezuela, I was raised and educated between Europe and the US during my formative years. Therefore, I am a third culture kid.

  • After years spent outside of my birth country, I returned as an adult and a foreigner in every way other than the language. Transitioning from my 20's to my 30's, it was during that time I met my husband and in 2012 we immigrated to Canada, thus I am also an immigrant.

  • When we moved, neither one of us had ever set foot in Canada. Three years later we were sworn in as Canadian citizens. Honored and blessed to be Canadian by adoption.

  • Home is a strange and ever-evolving definition for me. More than places, home for me is people and moments. Chatting with my husband on a lazy Saturday afternoon. When my best friend from the US is able to meet up in snowy Montreal. Whenever I study God's word. Most times I find myself on a stage sharing. When I go for a run.

  • That being said, with its cultural diversity, bilingualism, and North American geographical location; Montreal does seem to fit the bill nicely!

  • Winter is by far my favourite season, I am absolutely mesmerized by the majesty of Canadian winters. They are long and very cold. The death like slumber and sheer whiteness of it all is hypnotizing. Winter here is a serious affair. I like that too.

  • Being late is a perpetual natural state of mine. Being on time is a beautiful thing that others are able to achieve. I suffer from chronic tardiness and run on LST (Latin Standard Time!).

  • I am a runner, s l o w and grateful. I run outside. Year round. Yes, in Canada :)

Formal Bio

Paola Barrera was educated between various cultures and languages and holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications, and a B.A. in International Studies. Fluent in 4 languages by age 16, she’s lived in 5 countries, is a third-culture kid and an immigrant. After 15 years of corporate experience in marketing, one day she decided to quit her job, and walking away from a whole way of viewing life and herself, began to redefine how to best invest her talents and skills. Writing, mentoring young women, and public speaking are part of that investment. When she is not doing that, she can be found doing laundry, trying not to burn the kitchen, or going for a run. She believes the best life is lived intentionally in the intersection between the everyday and eternal perspective, fueled by God's Word. Paola and her husband Gustavo live in Montreal, Canada.