On Writing Unpolished to keep on Writing with Purpose


If you’ve been reading me for a while you know that for the better part of last year I wrote regularly, publishing one thoughtful post every Tuesday. It was my commitment to myself and a group of supportive friends, for accountability and to help me stay consistent. By the end of the year, I was mentally exhausted. I learned that writing of that nature once a week was not sustainable for me, as it demanded time and mental energy at a pace I was not able to keep.

But 27 days into this year I realized that my writing needed attention. My writing muscles needed exercise to hone my voice. You learn to do something by doing it and making the mistakes that come with doing something for the first, second, and fiftieth time. You learn to write by writing. So, I need to write.

I need the fluidity that comes with a more unabridged way of writing. Otherwise, the time and effort it takes to write “properly” will keep me from writing at all. This atrophies the writing muscles. Which I realized is what’s happening. So, to help me warm up my writing muscles I will blog in a more “first-draft style”. What I hope to accomplish is more frequent writing even if less polished.

Needless to say, it is scary and humbling to write like this. I fear of coming across thoughtless and careless in my craft. But, ironically, it is by giving myself the space to write this way, that I hope to warm up my creative muscles and hone my skill to produce better work. Everything needs to start somewhere, and all writing begins with a first draft.

Inspired by a discussion Tim Challies started on the subject of blogging, and this post by Trillia Newbell, both whose writing I enjoy and respect, I decided to write more informally from now on until June. The exception, of course, will be those pieces I submit to other outlets like Women Encouraged which I also share on my blog as part of my writing.

In the end, the kind of writing I (and most writers) attempt to do is meaningful when shared with a reader. It is a privilege to share one’s thoughts with a willing listener. So I ask for your leniency dear reader, while I use this season to warm up my writing muscles.

What will not change is the intention behind all my writing. I wish with my words to beckon the reader to navigate the human experience with an eternal perspective. Because it’s where the follower of Christ is to spend his or her life. And that is a fact that should affect and color everything about our present. So I will continue to aim to write from that perspective, even in first-draft style :)

I confess I did a little editing with this post before posting, but considerably less than usual. Moving forward, for this series I will write when I can and give myself a set amount of time to write and post. No editing or wrecking my brain what pretty picture can I take to go with it. I will use what I have on hand or take a quick one (sorry ahead of time!). The idea is to write, and make it about that. This quote by Julia Cameron comes to mind: “Making writing a big deal tends to make writing difficult. Keeping writing casual, tends to make it possible.”

Trillia, thank you for the freedom and permission I feel your initiative provided!