Looking for a speaker for your women’s retreat or for a conference? Do you need a teacher for an upcoming workshop?

I love to speak and teach on identity and purpose from a Biblically centered perspective, using the Bible as the compass to delve into the tension of what we do and who we are. I’ve taught workshops on Bible literacy for women, and how the Truth of the gospel makes us whole. I’m passionate about helping others uncover Truth in the Bible to let it illumine the way we think, and thus our actions. Because what we think colors much of how we feel, which in turn drives the decisions we make.

Topics I love to cover:

  • Identity & eternal perspective

  • The importance of feeding our minds with Truth

  • Eternal perspective in the everyday- what is it and how to cultivate it

  • Bible Literacy - How to read and study Scripture

If these sound like they can help fill a need in your church’s next event, or you have a topic in mind that you want to explore together to gauge how I can serve your audience, click on the speaking form below to connect. I do charge a fee plus travel costs and accommodations, but will gladly work with your ministry budget. I can also speak and teach in Spanish and in French and would be happy to serve in that capacity. Simply specify in the form if your event is in one of those languages. Looking forward to connecting!

Feedback from leaders and attendees

“It was a delight to have Paola speak at Women Encouraged 2019! She was engaging, thoughtful, practical, and her words ministered truth and grace. Paola truly left everyone hungry for more. Over and over, we've heard from the women who attended that they want to hear her speak again!

- Bethany Barendregt, 36.

Director of Women Encouraged

“I have seen Paola grow significantly in the years I have known her - and I am so excited to see her passion and gifting grow beyond the benefit of our local church. I know that many women within Church 21 have grown in their understanding of who God is and who they are as a result of the impact of her ministry. What is so helpful about Paola is that she doesn’t live in the world of ideas but brings them to the ground of application. Her teaching would be impactful wherever there is a desire for the Lord and His Word to lead.”

- Dwight Bernier, Director of Acts 29 Canada

“Paola’s life experience gives her an insight into the value of the study of Christian identity. I have been personally ministered to by her truth-telling; her sincere love and concern for those around her make Paola a fabulous speaker and writer. Grabbing attention and keeping it is her forte, next she succinctly gets simple and profound truth to the listeners in an easy-to-understand manner.”

-Teresa Klassen, 39.

“J’ai eu le privilège de faire partie d’un groupe de discussion avec Paola, ainsi que de participer à un atelier qu’elle a dirigé. Paola a réellement un don pour s’exprimer et  pour encourager. Elle m’a beaucoup apporté par son écoute, ses questions et réflexions, et ses conseils. Elle s’exprime toujours avec beaucoup de couleur, et de clarté, mais ce qui est d’autant plus particulier est comment on peut ressentir cette connexion et proximité qu’elle entretien avec Dieu.”

- Naomi Leduc, 32.

Whatever is true shot at WE2019.jpg

"Having known Paola for about 6 years, I can attest to the fact that digging deep into God's Word for wisdom, direction, joy and encouragement, is central to Paola's life.  Not only is she characterized by this but she delights in making Him and His Word known to others. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop on ‘How to Study the Bible’ which she led a few years back, and left so encouraged and equipped.  It was fantastic! The teaching was well-communicated, intentional, organised and so very practical. I have always loved Paola's joyful heart for people, and her beautiful sense of humour, as well as her deep compassion for those who struggle with life events. Paola is certain to be of an encouragement to anyone who has the opportunity to hear her speak."

-Sheila Long, 55

ID shot at WE2019.jpg

"I have had the pleasure of attending two of Paola’s speaking events. Paola is a wise speaker, and adept storyteller. She connects with her audience with compassion and warmth, at once helping her audience feel seen and loved where they are, and challenged to grow. Her talks are well-researched, and demonstrate consistent theological clarity, presented in a relatable way. I hope to attend another one of her events soon, and wholeheartedly endorse her to speak at your next conference or event!"

-Jenny Fulford, 24.


Paola est une conférencière bénie de Dieu et elle nous bénie à son tour dans ses enseignement. Avec justesse, clarté et douceur, elle expose nos cœurs, et en utilisant la Parole de Dieu, nous exhorte, nous encourage, à changer, par la puissance du Saint-Esprit qui est en nous, en comprenant et nous soumettant à la volonté de notre Seigneur Jésus- Christ, en reconnaissant notre dépendance de Dieu, notre besoin de repentance, et en recevant le don de Sa grâce, Sa compassion, Son pardon, sa Miséricorde. Elle tourne nos regard vers notre grand Dieu. Merci Paola!

Nicole Sauvé, 58.

"Paola occupies a space in my life both as a dear friend and as a leading thinker in our church. She's on a short list of speakers we've used for our women's ministry events, as well as a welcoming presence from the front. It continues to be amazing to see how God has called her gifting out of the corporate world and into Christian community, and how faithfully she is seeking to be obedient to this call."

- Brian Stegner, Entrepreneur & Church Planter

“Paola is a confident, authentic and conscientious communicator.  Confident, because she knows what she is talking about and where she wants to lead her audience.  Authentic, because she is not afraid to engagingly share the intimate parts of her brokenness and life’s struggles.  Conscientious, because in spite of all the great things she says and how well she says them, she is humbly mindful of her need for Jesus and is careful to give him glory, always.”

- Brian Alton, Pastor & Counselor, Church 21 - Montreal, Canada

“I’ve attended two workshops led by Paola in our local church. When speaking, her presence is inviting and she conveys a heartfelt passion for the Bible. I have personally benefited from her commitment to understanding and conveying truth. I have also been deeply impacted by the wealth of insight she brings from her experience in corporate work and mentorship.”

-Rebekah M., 30.

“If you know Paola you know she loves Jesus, Second Cup coffee, people, and talking. It’s been wonderful to see her grow as a follower of Jesus, a seeker of Truth in her Bible, and desire to share that Truth with others. A few years ago Paola and I co-lead a women’s event at our church. It was a pleasure to teach side by side. Thankful for her willingness to follow where Jesus is leading her.”

-Jess Bernier, 30.